What to do this weekend?

Isn't that the most common question you and your spouse ask each other every week? I know it is in my house. Something fun yet appropriate for the littles too. Whether you're new to Colorado Springs, or you're just looking for ideas, for activities you might have missed, read on to find stuff that we have personally done as a family and see if anything tickles your fancy! This if for indoor activities in Colorado Springs, check out my other blog for outdoor things to do!

  • Magic Town Museum
  • Focus on the Family Center
  • Space Foundation Discovery Center
  • Ghost Town Museum
  • Coin Museum
  • Play Street Museum
  • Scheels
  • Manitou Penny Arcade
  • Pioneer Museum
  • Bouldering Gym

Indoor activities

Miniature buildings in a museum in Colorado Springs.

MAgic Town

Located in Old Colorado City. It's a 'museum' with extremely detailed miniature buildings and sculptures, creating a mini-scale neighborhood. Some scenes appear to change because they also include the use of holograms. Everything is very realistic, and you can even participate in a scavenger hunt that is included with the admission fee. Or, purchase a more difficult scavenger hunt and get a prize (a cool sculpture) if you find all the items! We plan to go again as they change the scenes for holidays, how cool! It is wheelchair and stroller friendly and they have restrooms. There is a small entry fee, and also offer military discount.

Focus on the Family center, a stage for the kids to dress up and perform. Colorado Springs.

Focus on the family center

Located in the Briargate area, this place hosts a rather awesome play area! It's fairly large with several rooms, a kids radio station recording room, books, dress up area, and a 3 story slide (!). For the little littles (under 2), there is a room specifically for them. The rest of the play area I felt was more appropriate for the slightly older kiddos, unless you feel like climbing in and out with your toddler. It can get pretty busy in here so personally, if you have more than 1 young kiddo, I wouldn't advise going alone. They have 2 buildings, so you want to park closest to the library to get to the play area. No entry fee. https://www.focusonthefamily.com/about/visit-us/

Baby Natalie during her newborn session, laying on her fathers military uniform.

Space foundation Discovery Center

I don't feel like this place is very well known, I never see it recommended. Not very large, but it is well worth a visit! It is very kid friendly and isn't just a visual museum. They also have little demonstration centers where the kids can get hands on and make stuff like electro-magnets. They also have a cool hologram presentation room where the kiddos can learn about the planets. The center is located near Garden of the Gods, and requires an entry fee. They offer military discount. Excuse the unrelated photo, I didn't take any apparently!

Antique carriage in a ghost town museum in Old Colorado City.

Ghost town museum

Located near Old Colorado City, this little museum seems rather out of place for it's location. It isn't very large but inside houses replica Wild-West stores, some of which you can enter, and antique carriages. In another small building, they also have a replica rooms of a 1800's home. Very cool for those interested in history, but also fun if you're not. They have some hands-on experiences here! There is an entry fee, and is stroller friendly.

Baby Natalie during her newborn session, laying on her fathers military uniform.

Coin museum

Located in downtown Colorado Springs. The name doesn't sound interesting, but it's very kid friendly. As the name suggests, it's a museum about coins but they also have some other artifacts, and a coin making demonstration where a lucky child gets to keep the coin that's made. All kiddos get to choose a coin from around the world when they leave too. Very cool!

Excuse the unrelated photo, I didn't take any apparently!

A small camper van toy, in the play street museum in Colorado Springs.

Play street museum

Reservations are required for this place and you get a 1.5 hour slot. You only need to pay for the kiddos. It has kid sized houses and encourages immersive and imaginative play. Suitable for 2+ however, they also have a section with wooden blocks for the crawlers! Also, check out Bird Call restaurant nearby, so good!

2 children smile happily while looking at an aquarium in Scheels, Colorado Springs.


Yes, Scheels! What's not to like? An awesome aquarium, indoor Ferris wheel, kids play area, food hall, and arcades! And of course some shopping, too!

A father and his 2 kids play happily at the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade in Colorado Springs.

Manitou penny arcade

The name speaks for itself. A retro penny arcade full of old time games. And an outdoor area that has those mechanical ride on things (whatever the name is). Hungry after all the fun? Stroll around Manitou Springs and grab a bite somewhere!

A toddler looks at a display inside the Pioneer museum in Colorado Springs.

Pioneer museum

Located downtown Colorado Springs in a gorgeous building, kiddos will enjoy looking at historical artifacts specific to COS. There is Helen Hunts original house which they took down and reconstructed inside the museum, and also an original courtroom you can check out. If the kiddos get bored, they have a small playroom they can head to as well. Don't miss out on the 1917 elevator which is still in use today!

Children enjoying their time at the Bouldering Gym in Colorado Springs.

Bouldering Gym

Located close to downtown Colorado Springs, this activity is great for toddlers (3+) and adults. Something a bit adventurous but nothing too serious, either. If you go on Saturday/Sunday, they have a family rate ($40) which includes climbing time and shoe rental! It can't get better than that!

Still exploring


Still exploring


Know any other cool places?

I'd love to hear about places you've visited that I can take my kiddos to! Send me a message and let me know.