Let's go back to the basics.

Is it me, or does the list of baby items just keep growing every year with new products being invented around the clock?

It is definitely overwhelming if you're a first time mom, trying to make sure your little one has everything they'll ever need. Being a mom of 2, I have some experience in purchasing items for newborns. Read on to find out what I found to be the necessities!

The absolute must-haves!

Let's start with the basic items. I won't mention things like wipes, diapers, stroller, because... self explanatory! But

  • Changing table. Really. You don't want to be bending over 20 times a day to change them on the floor.
  • Portable changing pad. Because public changing tables are gross!
  • Swaddling sleep sacks. Notice the word 'swaddling'. These sleeping bags have an inner strap to create a snug swaddle. This is to prevent the startle reflex that newborns have, hence, helping them (and you) have a better nights sleep! But it is not suitable for some babies e.g. those with hip issues, so do consult a Dr before using.
  • Footed jammies. A one-piece! Less clothes, less laundry! What's not to like?! Onesies are also an essential, but make sure you get the envelop opening ones! Those openings allow you to pull the outfit down babies body, instead of over their head, very useful for diaper blowouts. I actually recently had a client for their newborn session and they wore a MAGNETIC onesie. I was MIND BLOWN. No buttons or zippers, check out Magnetic Me!
  • Burp Cloths. Spit up happens after almost every feeding!
  • Sound machine. I didn't have one for my daughter and she was a terrible sleeper. Have one for my son and he puts himself to sleep. Coincidence? I don't think so! Doesn't have to be a fancy one either! And no...you can't just 'use your phone' because you'll be wanting to surf on it yourself.
  • Nursing pillow. This might sound unnecessary, but it was just so much more comfortable and less tiring for my arms to have a pillow!
  • Kiinde milk bags. If you plan on pumping, or just catching let down milk, my favorite product was Kiinde milk storage bags! You can attach it to any pump using an adapter, pump, store and feed directly from the bag! No bottles needed!
  • Bucket car seat. YES! Bucket! You might think you'll save a few $ by buying a convertible that they can grow into, but the bucket seat is so convenient! You can click it in and out the car without waking the baby, pop it right onto your stroller and be off! It's much easier to get them into the car seat inside your house too, rather than trying to wrangle them in a tight car space!
  • Stroller/car seat rain cover. 
  • Backseat mirror. My son loves seeing us in the car, and it also gives us a piece of mind when we're driving.
  • Nursing bra, nipple cream. Nursing can be painful in the early day before milk comes, nipple cream is a life saver! You might want to consider a Hakka pump to catch any let down, it's also useful as a hand-held pump if you decide not to buy the full thing!
  • Bassinet and crib. I've listed both here, during the first few months, the bassinet was handy. I feel the smaller area helped my son sleep better. We rented the SNOO (a robot bassinet!). Do I think it helped, maybe? Maybe not. All I know is my son is great at putting himself to sleep now. As for the crib, get one and have it ready because one day they fit in the bassinet, the next they've outgrown it and can start rolling (that means a bassinet is no longer safe, but also refer to the weight limit). You don't want to be scrambling when that happens.
  • Night light. For night time diaper changes! You don't want those bright lights keeping them awake!
  • Somewhere to put baby during the day. There is a lot of options for this. We used a pack and play that had the bassinet attachment. I like this with multiple uses, you can use it to contain them when they're older, and you can take it on travels, to grandmas house, or whatever!
  • A Newborn session with Jennifer Shneidman Photography. I had to include that one!

*I am not paid to promote any products mentioned in this blog! It's from my personal experience :)

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Things I did not need

  • Baby hats
  • Baby laundry detergent
  • Glider
  • Diaper pail, just buy diaper sacks!
  • Diaper bag (I just used a regular backpack)
  • Humidifier
  • Crib mobile
  • Baby swing
  • Nursing cover
  • Mittens and socks

did i miss anything?

This is my personal opinion on essentials. Is there anything I have missed, or anything you felt was a must-have, or something you didn't need? Let me know!