Fresh 48 photography in colorado springs

Fresh 48 sessions are perfect to capture those real, raw, and intimate moments, shortly after birth. Unlike a studio session, where the whole family is posed, we will focus on more natural interactions between you and your new baby. Capturing those details and moments that you didn't know you wanted to remember. Let me help you remember. Book your fresh 48 session today. See below for some examples of my work and see what you can expect.

MODEL CALL: If you are looking for a Fresh48 session but don't quite have the budget for someone who specializes in these, I would love to offer you a heavily discounted rate for a session. I am currently only able to take models who are having a planned C-section due to childcare reasons. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Please send me a contact form and we can discuss the finer details. Please include information such as your scheduled C-section date and which hospital you will be at. T&Cs apply.

Baby Alex during his Fresh48 session in Colorado Springs
Newborn feet, during a Fresh 48 session in hospital.
Newborn baby, Alex, looking directly at the camera during his Fresh 48 session in Fort carson.
Close up of baby feet during an in hospital Fresh 48 session.
Baby Alex wearing protective eyewear as he undergoes light therapy.
Baby Alex, nursing during this Fresh 48 session in Colorado Springs.
A mom lovingly craddles her newborn baby during the first 48 hours of life after birth.
Baby Maxwell, Fresh48 session in Colorado Springs,
A mother gently kisses her sons forehead during a Fresh48 photo session in Colorado Springs.
Newborn baby, Maxwell cries during his photo session at UC Health, Memorial North Hospital.