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Jennifer Shneidman Photography is currently looking for Fresh48 session models for a heavily discounted rate. Please use the inquiry form below to inquire!


Jennifer Shneidman Photography is currently looking for Fresh48 session models for a heavily discounted rate. Please use the inquiry form below to inquire!

Which is the right choice for your birth?

That is a very good question! Giving birth is such an important moment in your life, it is smart to do some research into where and how you want to labor. Times have moved from the traditional hospital births. Home births are becoming more popular, but so are other options such as delivering at a Birthing Center. You might be wondering what I know about the topic. I am writing from my personal experiences, as well as research I have done through my 2 births. I have given birth in both a hospital setting and a birthing center! Let's discover which is best for you.


This one is pretty self explanatory. It's the typical set-up that you see in movies and tv shows. You are in a hospital room, probably laying in a bed, hooked up to monitors and may be restricted from moving around. An Obstetrician will most likely deliver your baby, along with several nurses who will be present. There is often a restriction on how many people can be with you. You can get many different types of pain management here, which may be a comfort for some. It is also a comfort to know that if any complications were to arise, you can get medical help immediately. Now with that, statistically there tends to be an increased chance for emergency C-sections for hospital births. After birth, this may be a pro, or con, depending on your needs, but most hospitals need you to stay for at least 24 hours after birth, longer if it's a C-section. Oh, another thing is, they provide a lot of postpartum products to take home! One less thing to worry about buying! I had my son, Alex, at UCHealth, Memorial North Hospital in Colorado Springs and absolutely loved my experience.

Newborn baby Alex looks at the camera during his Fresh 48 session at Memorial North Hospital in Colorado Springs.
Close up of a newborn babies feet. Taken in a hospital setting.
Baby alex wearing eye protection as he undergoes light therapy at UCHealth Memoria North.

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This is like you're giving birth in the comfort of home, but with a touch of medical assistance, usually from a midwife. You have a comfortable bed, nice décor, candles, ambient lighting. You can eat when you want, play your music and move about since you're not attached to any equipment. The approach here is for natural, vaginal delivery without any interventions. There are birthing balls, birthing tubs (high recommend), and some places offer laughing gas too, for an extra fee. You can usually allow more people in the room with you, although Covid has changed rules nowadays. They are usually close to a hospital so that you can be transferred there should any complications happen. You can return home relatively quickly after birth, too. Some hospitals have a birthing center attached, so you may want to do some research into your local hospital! You also will usually receive your post partum care here. I began my birth at Beginnings Birth Center in Colorado Springs and while the experience was short (I had to be transferred due to complications), I loved every minute of it; you can read my experience in another blog.

Baby Alex breastfeeding while looking up at his mom.

My son! Thanks to my hubs for capturing this!


I remember when I had my children, I was totally against pain management. I wanted to do everything naturally but things don't always go as planned! The take away is that only you know what is right for you. If you're a high risk pregnancy, you may not have the option unfortunately as Birthing centers are best suited for low risk pregnancies. And of course, check whether your insurance covers your choice! One of the most important things for labor is to keep an open mind. Anything can happen, labor may not go as you hope but in the end, you will have your gorgeous baby in your arms.


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