One of the most important memories

There are many important moments in life, but I believe that having a baby is possibly the most important one. I mean, it's literally life changing! So if you're wanting to capture this itty bitty stage, I would recommend doing some research before picking your photographer. It's not as simple as just choosing the first person you see on Google. Read on to find out what you should consider before booking a newborn photographer in Springfield, VA.

Beautiful baby Aria, wrapped up in a pink wrap with delicate pearls during her newborn session.


You may have already started looking on Pinterest for inspiration images. Have you noticed that you prefer a particular style? There are lifestyle photos, which means the session usually takes place in the comfort of your own home, and the images are more documentary style, capturing what looks like every day life. They could also be held in a studio that is set up to imitate a home, thus saving you the stress of needing to clean your home for the photos! Another popular style of newborn photography is studio, posed sessions, although some photographers also may offer to come to your home for these. In these sessions, the baby is usually wrapped and placed carefully in props, or specially posed in positions. Aside from these 2 types of photography, you also have to look at the photographers editing style. They can range from dark and moody, true to life, or bright and airy. These are images you will be showing to your friends and family, and displaying in your home, you've got to love the style.

Personality and communication

Does the photographer you have in mind have a website? This would be a good starting point to see if you like their personality and communication style. Does their website speak to you, and do they seem like someone you'll get along with? You should find someone who is passionate about what they do, this will ultimately show in their photographs! And regarding communication, when you are sending emails, text, or on a phone call with them, your photographer should reply in a professional, timely manner; someone who leaves you with no doubt. You have to be able to trust them to hand your baby over to them!

Gorgeous newborn baby Natalie wrapped in a white cloth during her photoshoot.

Services and pricing

This ranges vastly between photographers in the industry. Are you looking for someone who offers you products and in person consults? Or are you just looking for digital images? Someone who comes to your home? Do they edit and retouch the images? What else do they offer? Some photographers offer images included as a package along with the session fee, whilst some do not. No matter which one you're after, there are definitely benefits of choosing a higher priced photographer. Lower priced photographers may be tempting. Afterall, you are having a baby and they're expensive, right? It may seem like a sweet deal initially, getting all the images plus the session for only $200? But you may be bitter about the poor quality of images after. If there is a photographer whom you love, you may want to think about stretching your budget, or even ask about a payment plan. These are moments that pass by every single day, and not one you can redo.

A true professional

Capturing newborn photos is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You should try to pick a photographer who specifically specializes in newborn portraits. This is important as these photographers most likely have training in how to handle and pose the babies safely. Someone who specializes in the newborn field is more likely to be able to create beautiful set ups, and understand how to light correctly and capture the best angles. Does the photographer have an extensive portfolio? This will show their ability to produce quality work consistently, and also show they have a large client base. Is your photographer reputable? Are they a legal business with great reviews?

Questions or comments?

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