Meet Natalie - HEr newborn photoshoot in Springfield, VA.

Welcome to the world, baby Natalie! What an entrance she made! Little Miss Natalie made a surprise appearance. No-one was expecting her to arrive early, on July 4th. We were taking her mama's maternity photos just 2 days before! Imagine if we missed that, mom and dad looked stunning in their images! I was so excited to plan Natalie's session; for some reason, I rarely photograph baby girls! So I was glad I got to play around with some girlie set-ups and colors.

When Natalie arrived for her newborn session, I was just in awe of how teeny she was! Born weighing 5.13lbs, she reminded me so much of my own daughter who weighed similar. It was truly hard to imagine or even remember this tiny phase and I'm glad I got the opportunity to freeze these moments for this family. We started off the session with family photos, and there was a special request to incorporate dad's military uniform, which is surprisingly a 1st for me, considering I live and work in a military community. I wasn't sure how it would turn out honestly, but I loved the final result. What do you think (pics below). Then we continued with some wrapped-in-props images with pinks and mauve, as requested by mom. She rocked the colors! Next, we moved onto some table poses. Natalie was such an angel during her whole session! Not a peep until maybe the last 30 minutes, which actually gave me the opportunity to capture some shots with her gorgeous eyes open. I also included some 'rainbow' props/set-ups when I found out Natalie was a rainbow baby. Not only that, Natalie is especially special as she was conceived through IVF. A true miracle after a loss, too. I loved hearing about the story of this family. What really touched me was how involved and in-love dad was. He told me he was worried he didn't know how to be a good father, but I immediately knew he already was. Natalie is already so, so loved! Natalie sure is lucky to have chosen these guys as her parents!

Natalie laying on her dads military uniform during her newborn photography in Colorado Springs,
Baby Natalie wrapped up all snug, with a rainbow across her chest to symbolize her being a rainbow baby.
New parents kiss each other on the forehead during their newborn session.
Newborn baby, Natalie wrapped up in a muave wrap during her newborn session.
Baby Natalie looks directly at the camera during her newborn sessions,
A new dad holds his new baby girl in his hands, with his military uniform in the background.

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