preparing for your session

So you've booked your session! Yay!!! If you have the time, I encourage you to read this post on what to expect during your session and how you can best prepare for it. It should hopefully answer any questions you might have and put your mind at ease that your baby is in safe hands :)

Sessions will be held in my home studio. Sessions are usually held from 10-2pm depending on the package you have chosen/ how well baby does. Please let me know when baby is born, providing details about babys weight or health conditions I should know about.

No time to read? No problem! Scroll down for a quick checklist!

Springfield newborn photography.

safety first!

Baby's safety is always my top priority. I use posing pillows, rolled towels and supporting wraps to secure baby. Your baby will never be left unattended. With careful posing, your baby will be safe and comfortable. Should your baby show any signs of discomfort in any particular pose, or if you feel uncomfortable with any pose, I will move onto the next one :) I will also be using hand sanitizer and/or washing my hands throughout the session. The studio and all equipment are cleaned regularly and anything fabric or props touched by baby are washed after every session.


During the session, your baby will be posed in various poses e.g. with legs tucked under. This may look uncomfortable but babies are very flexible at this age and is perfectly safe. However, every babies temperament is different, if your baby doesn't like a pose, I will move on. I prefer that the sessions be baby-led. For this reason it is best to come to the session without expectation of any particular pose being achieved. Please let me know if baby has any health issues before the session. It is also advised to leave at least 5 days after a circumcision to have a session as baby will more than likely be uncomfortable.

Parental assistance

For some poses, I will require a parent to help support the baby as they cannot support themselves yet. Your supporting hand will be edited away. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, we can skip the pose.


A portable heater will be used throughout the session so try to wear layers that you can remove should you wish. It would also be helpful to dress baby in something that is easy to remove to disturb them as little as possible. There will be soft sound playing during the session. Finally, studio lights will be used during the session. This is not harmful to babies eyes. As the session will be held in my home, I do ask that you remove your shoes when entering my house, and to wear a facemask if you're not being photographed.

A newborn baby wrapped up snug and placed in a basket during his photography session.

feeding baby

I encourage you to feed baby as you normally would before, during and after the session. A full baby is a happy baby! My sessions are completely baby led, so we can stop and feed baby as many times as they demand. If you bottle feed, please make sure to bring at least 4 hours worth of formula and bottles. I can provide hot water if needed. If baby uses a pacifier, please bring it along so we can soothe them while posing. Feel free to bring along your breast pump kit too.

sleepy baby

I would encourage you to try to keep baby awake at least an hour before the session so that baby will be nice and sleepy. From experience, babies who sleep on the way to the session are usually more alert and difficult to pose. However, babies do have minds of their own! If they do sleep before the session, relax! It's only a suggestion. A happy baby is what we want :)

Potty time

I recommend you bring enough diapers and wipes for at least 4 hours, plus extra incase of any accidents such as a diaper blow out. I will usually not change babies diaper unless it is a poop, or baby is fussy. This reduces the amount we will disturb the baby. I will have extra wipes and diapers if needed.

family members

A session may last up to 4 hours! So make sure you have a full breakfast, although I will have some snacks and drinks available for you too. If you are going to be in the photos, I advise everyone to wear solid neutral colors, and no more than 2 colors. Outfits that compliment each other are best, feel free to contact me for styling advice. After taking family photos, 1 parent will usually leave with the siblings, while we finish the session. There is a lovely park behind my house, as well as food options nearby.

Sick Policy

If any family members are sick, I request that they do not come to the studio for the session. As we are dealing with newborns, it is especially important to keep sickness at bay. It is recommended that you reschedule your session. If you are not yet vaccinated against Covid, I ask that you wear a face mask during your session. My own children are not yet vaccinated, so I need to protect them as best as I can, as well as my other vulnerable newborn clients.

Quick checklist

  • Face masks if not vaccinated against Covid/not being photographed.
  • At least 4 hours worth of diapers and wipes.
  • At least 4 hours of formula if bottle feeding.
  • Pacifier, if baby takes one.
  • Dress baby in easy to remove outfit.
  • Entertainment or snacks for mom/dad/siblings.
  • Dress in solid blue, grey, white, cream or black if wanting family photos.
  • Shoes are to be removed inside the house.
  • Don't forget to pack any sentimental items you want photographed.
  • Try to leave at least 5 days after a circumcision to have a session as baby will more than likely be uncomfortable.


When should I schedule a session?

You can schedule a session as soon as you find out you're pregnant! I also usually am available for last minute sessions, so do contact me to check availability even if baby is born. The best age is between 5-21 days old though.

What if baby doesn't sleep?

No worries, I will wrap the baby to try and get the baby sleepy again. If not, I will try to capture images of the baby awake, which can be very adorable when you see their eyes! If I am unable to capture any images, we can discuss options such as returning another day.

Can I get a refund/reshoot if we don't get any photos?

I will try my best to capture images of your baby. If this is not possible, we will discuss options as to refunds, scheduling a reshoot, or putting the payment towards a future session.

How many photos will I get?

This will depend on the package that you have purchased. You can always upgrade should you wish.

When will the photos be ready?

I generally provide a lightly edited proof gallery within a week of your session. Your fully edited gallery will be delivered based on how soon you choose your final images, and how many images you have chosen. The more images there are, the longer the editing time of course. I want to provide you the best quality work!

Who can be in photos?

This depends on the package you have chosen. If you have chosen the Essential package, then only the baby will be photographed. The other packages include immediate family members; mom, dad and any siblings. At this time, I do not allow pets in the studio. Additional family members may be photographed if previously agreed by photographer.