A little surprise!

I had the pleasure of having baby Owen and his family in the studio back in June. Little Owen could not wait to meet his mom, dad, big sister and brother and decided to make an entrance 2 weeks early! He also surprised me since I had to squeeze him into my schedule! But we made it happen! Little Owen wasn't the only thing to surprise me, though. When I opened the door, I thought his dad looked familiar. Turns out he was actually my dentist! What are the chances!

Owens session went smoothly. We started with sibling photos, as you know, his siblings are young too and don't have much patience to wait around for their photoshoot. It can be tricky getting the little ones to look and cooperate, but I think they did a great job. What do you think? Oh, and aren't they such beautiful children?!

Beautiful siblings cradle there new baby brother during newborn session.
A stunning family of 5, taken during a newborn photography session in Colorado Springs.

The next step

After the sibling and family photos were done, Grandpa took the older kiddos home so that a)they wouldn't get bored, and b)we could focus on baby brother. Baby Owen may have been a teeny little guy, coming in at just over 5lbs, but he absolutely did not want to miss a thing. He had his eyes open almost the entire session and I had to quickly snap a photo whilst he was blinking! You really have to have the patience for this job! Mom also had a few specific images she wanted captured, one of which is pictured below (mom holding baby). I always take requests into consideration and will try it if it's within my capabilities. Owens session took 4 hours, which is pretty typical for a newborn sessions which include family members. This ensures there is enough time for you to change and feed the baby as many time as he/she needs. Sessions are completely baby-led and they are the boss.

It was lovely getting to chat with Owens mom and dad, and great to talk to my dentist about regular topics other than teeth, ha! I adore Owens gallery and hope his family love it too! It was truly a pleasure!

Newborn baby wrapped up in white, placed carefully in a basket.
Owens mom, holding her baby on her shoulder.
Baby Owen's mom and dad smile proudly as they cradle him in their arms.

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