You've secured a newborn session!

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy and welcome to Jennifer Shneidman Photography. I am so excited to be working with your family and would love to help you prepare for your session. Let's get into the details on what happens now that you've booked!

Baby aria wrapped up in a pink knit wrap during a newborn session with Jennifer Shneidman Photography.

Step 1

We will be setting a tentative date for your session as we don't know when baby will arrive. If I haven't done so already, I will be sending you a questionnaire about a month before your due date. This will help me get a better idea of what you envision for your session, so I can personalize it as best can I can.

step 2

Let me know as soon as you can when baby is born :) Of course, I don't mean I have to be the first to know, but newborn sessions are best held between 5-21 days of age, so we will need to get you scheduled within a good time frame. Bare in mind, if you have a boy and plan on getting a circumcision, we will need to wait at least 5 days post-op for healing. Sessions are held at 10am but please let me know if you'd prefer otherwise. I can go an hour either way. I also typically hold newborn sessions on weekdays only.


Your session will be held in my cozy home studio, located in Fort Carson. If you do not already have access to the installation, you can follow this link to learn how to get a visitor pass! My exact address will be shared with you a couple of days before your scheduled session. as a safety measure, I will be wearing a face mask for all sessions. This is optional for you but highly recommended. I do ask that you remove shoes once inside my home, just an Asian tradition, plus I still have littles who put their hands and food on the floor constantly!

Baby Owen sleeps peacefully on a simplistic white background during a newborn session.

Step 4

If you are getting family photos done, please come all photo ready :) For outfit choices, I advise sticking to 1 color, possibly in different tones, that compliment each other. Clothing should ideally not have any patterns or logos. Please also try to remove items from pockets, and wrist watches, as these become distractions in images.

The backdrop colors I have for family photos include white, grey, beige, and a caramel color. These are very neutral colors and most outfit colors will suit well. Please contact me if you need wardrobe advice. Moms are welcome to wear anything from my client closet also!

Step 5

That is pretty much it. You don't have to prepare much for your session at all. I provide all the props, hairbands, wraps and outfits your sweet babe will need. I even have diapers and wipes incase you forget yours. I also offer some snacks, water and coffee. You will need to bring enough formula for baby if they're bottle fed. About 3 hours worth for the Essential package, and 4 hours worth for the Classic. If you're getting family photos, I start with those first. After this portion, I usually ask 1 parent (most often dad) to take the siblings whilst we finish the session. There is a lovely playground just behind my house, and lots of fast food options for lunch if they were not wanting to go far. And moms, take this opportunity to relax a little while I take care of your baby. You've earned it!

Step 6

Phew, now the session is over, you can just enjoy cuddles with your newborn baby whilst I get to editing! I will usually edit a handful of images completely to show you the final result, and the rest will be lightly retouched for lighting, coloring, or cropping, This way, we save time on both our ends and I can get a proof gallery back to you sooner. Once you receive the proof and select your favorite images, let me know and I will work on getting them completely edited and sent back to you as soon as possible. This is also the time to purchase any additional digital images, or albums, if you're wanting any. I have gorgeous samples in my studio for you to look at and feel the quality. Heirloom pieces to showcase your images.

Baby William posed in the fallen froggy position, with his tiny toes poking out.

That's it!

And that is all! Simple! I hope this guide has helped you understand and prepare for your upcoming session. If there is anything you want to know that I haven't mentioned, please contact me and I'd be happy to answer any questions! I look forward to meeting you all soon!! Thank you for choosing me to be your Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer!