Outdoor activities

I'm not going to mention the obvious things to do in Colorado Springs, such as Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Open Space, because chances are, they're one of the first things you heard of when getting here. You've probably already been to them too. Here is a list of some other cool activities you can do with your littles, all tried and tested by me and my littles!

Panorama Park, Colorado Springs.

Panorama park

This is a brand new park which opened in 2022. It has several lovely playgrounds with equipment you don't really see in other parks! Worth bringing a picnic and enjoying a few hours. There is even a splash pad. Even I had fun!

Rock ledge ranch in Colorado Springs by Garden of the Gods.

Rock Ledge Ranch

Located next to the Garden of the Gods, it can be easy to miss if you don't know it's there. There is a small entry fee and is very stroller friendly. It is kind of a museum, with indoor and outdoor sections to give you a glimpse into life in the past.

A giraffe pokes his head out at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs,

Cheyenne mountain zoo + Will rogers shrine

Probably an obvious activity which you have already done but worth a mention just in case. This is one of the BEST zoos I have been to, and that's impressive because I really don't enjoy zoos but have been to this one several times. Using your zoo pass, you can also gain access to the Shrine up top!

Manitou cliff dwellings in Colorado Springs.

Manitou cliff dwellings

Located on the way to Woodland park, this cliff dwellings give you a look into how the first settlers lived! You can climb in and out of the dwellings (but be respectful) which makes it a fun, interactive place. They also have tours, and a cool gift shop.

pikes peak mountain in Colorado Springs,

Pikes peak

Not really recommended for those under 6 months old due to the lack of oxygen. We took our son there when he was 1.5years old and even though he is a tough little guy, even he had trouble and vomited. It's very easy to drive your car up there and the roads are well paved. There is a fee per vehicle. You can also catch a tram ride up there but prices are rather high in my opinion.

Seven Falls in Colorado Springs.

Seven falls

This was a nice little hike for our family. You have to park at the parking lot located at the Norris Penrose Event Center, and then take the free shuttle up to the hike entrance. You do not need a reservation but there is a fee to enter. It is definitely not stroller friendly, so consider taking a hiking carrier, or holding onto the kiddos tight as some parts are very steep and slippery. There is 1 part of the park where you can take an elevator up and down. Once you past that part (it's like the center of the park), you come to the longer, more steeper falls. If you were to only hike 1 set of stairs, I would do this one. The restaurant wasn't open when we visited, but reservations are recommended for that.

Mini golf in Colorado Springs.

Mini golf

There are many places to play mini golf in Colorado Springs. This particular one we went to had 2 courses, with different themes. The courses are a decent size, the facility was clean and we all had a good time here. Adventure Mini Golf on Corporate Drive. If mom isn't feeling the golf, she can drive over to Furniture Row, just down the street. After a game of golf, why not head over to the Great British Food company for some lunch or dinner?

Manitou penny arcade in Colorado Springs.

PEnny arcade

This is an indoor-outdoor retro arcade. The outdoor part consists of any type of those mechanic ride on machines you can imagine! A dream for the kiddos. Indoors, there are several games, such as the dance machine, bike and car racing, whack-a-mole. shooting guns, horse racing. You name it! Most games give you red tickets which you can redeem for prizes!