The focus is you, and your family.

Afterall, that's what's most important.

Welcome to Jennifer Shneidman Photography! You're probably here because you have booked a family session with me. Great!! It's time to update those portraits on your wall and I am here to help you with that. This guide will give you an insight into what to expect during your session, as well as tips on how to make things run as smooth as possible!

The Cordero family smiles at the camera during their 3 generation family session in Fort Belvoir, VA.

What to wear

Think about what you want to see hanging on your wall. I always advise clients to choose outfits that have neutral tones and colors as this is always a classic look that never goes out of style. Try to stick to no more than 2-3 complementing colors (see example above of dark green, mustard and blue). If you're into patterns, it is best if just 1 person wears it. Or, you might want to choose a fancier route and wear a suit and a gown. Try to avoid bright colors which can be distracting and unflattering. And ladies, if you plan on wearing a dress/skirt, please wear shorts underneath as we could be sitting on the floor. Usually we will only have time for up to 1 outfit change, so please plan accordingly and prioritize what you want to wear most. Shoes are optional, though I do request that you bring them with you to change into once inside the studio in Springfield.

Session flow

I will be posing everyone in various positions, such as standing, sitting on chairs, and often on the floor, so that we can get a variety of looks. I usually will go back and forth between whole family photos, mom + dad, siblings etc. I will pose you for some traditionally posed photos, but also there may be some candid shots. Don't worry about looking in the camera every time :) If time permits, I will change the backdrop and you can change outfits if you wish. The session will last around 1 hour. I encourage any breaks that you need to have some water, use the bathroom, or have a quick snack.

Zion chews on his Sophie Giraffe during his family session in Alexandria, VA.

Young kids

If you have young children, I recommend not bringing out phones to get their attention as it often becomes the only thing they want after. Try not to force them to take photos: children may not always smile when prompted, they may not always look in the camera. I will have little toys to grab their attention. I advise that 1 parents takes charge of getting the kiddos attention, and 1 parent always stays photo ready. If they have a favorite stuffed animal or small toy, feel free to bring it along. I also recommend bringing a little bag of puffs or snack to motivate them. Kids will be kids, so we must manage our own expectations and just go with it and have fun!

After your session

If you have opted in for social media sneak peeks, I aim to get that out in about 2 days after your session. For your proof gallery, I will edit a couple of images completely, with the rest being unedited. This way, it saves time on both sides so you're not waiting on me to edit images you may not choose. After choosing your final images, I will edit them completely. You will also get the chance to purchase any additional digitals, albums or prints.

That's everything! Let me know if there is something I haven't covered and I will get back to you as soon as possible! I am so excited to capture these images for you! See you soon!

The Moxley brothers hug tightly during this photo session in the DMV area.

Questions or comments?

I think this guide covers everything, but please let me know if I have missed anything!