How to help things run smoothly

Are you excited for your upcoming smash cake session?! Are you wondering what you can do to help get a cooperative baby? Great! That's what I want, too! We all want to capture a smiley, happy baby who is happily chomping down on his/her cake! Let's see what we can do to help each other achieve that! I know you probably only have a few mins to read this, so I have compiled short bullet points for you! TLDR, right?

A baby girl bites down into her 1st birthday cake smash session in Northern Virginia.

Tips for a great 1st birthday session

  • Plan to book around babies nap time! Usually the mornings are the best time.
  • A full baby is a happy baby!
  • Please bring some baby snacks such as those tiny puffs! Don't forget water for them,
  • Have baby dressed and ready to go before arriving. It's a good idea to try clothes on too, make sure its not too big/small.
  • Let them play and don't have specific visions in mind. They are their own person: they may love it or hate it.
  • Try not to bring out Youtube unless absolutely necessary, (I'll let you know).
  • Prepare to participate and get messy! Extra set of clothes recommended.

Questions or comments?

Do you have any tips I could add to my list? Something you've personally found useful during a session? Let me know!